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Industrial Electronic Services Limited are an independent service provider for


MITSUBISHI Machine Tool Drives and Control Repairs



We have vast experience in the repair of Mitsubishi (MAZAK) machine tool equipment, including MRS and MDS servo drives, FR-SE and FR-SF AC spindle controllers, the older DL-SDZ and DL-SCZ DC spindle drives, the entire range of FREQROL inverters and all power supplies and monitors.


Typical parts that we regularly repair include:-


DL-MAZ-2-15KM-T DL-SCZ DL-SCZ-11K DL-SCZ-15K DL-SCZ-18.5K DL-SCZ-22K DL-SCZ-30K DL-SCZ-37K DL-SCZ-45K DL-SDZ-2F-15K-U-2M DL-SDZ-2F-30K DL-SDZ-2F-30K-A-X-E DL-SDZ-2F-5.5K DL-SDZ-2F-5.5K-F DL-SDZ-4F-45K-A-XY F1-20ER-ES F2-40MR-ES F2-40MR-ES FA3425ATJ FR A140E-5.5K FR A54011KEC FR-024-S0.4K-ER FR-A024-0.75K FR-A024-2.2K FR-A024-S0.4K-EC FR-A024-S0.75K-EC FR-A044-0.75K-UL FR-A044-2.2K-EC FR-A220E-15K-UL FR-A220E-5.5K-UL FR-A240-7.5K FR-A240E-11K-05 FR-A240E-3.7K-EC FR-A240E-7.5K FR-A240E-7.5K-09 FR-A240E-735-09 FR-A540-22KK-EC FR-A540-5.5K-EC FR-E520S-0.75K FR-E520S-0.75K-EC FR-K3 FR-K3-3.7K FR-K3-5.5K.CZ3 FR-K420-0.4K FRS FR-S520S-0.75K-EC FR-SB-2-7.5K FR-SB-2B-7.5K FR-SD-2A FR-SE 2.7.5K FR-SE-2.15K FR-SE-2-11K FR-SE-2-15K FR-SE-2-15K A-C FR-SE-2-18.5K FR-SE-2-22K FR-SE-2-22K-A-C FR-SE-2-22KA-C E FR-SE-2-26K FR-SE-2-26K-A FR-SE-2-5.5K FR-SE-2-7.5K FR-SE-2-7.5K-AC FR-SE-2-7.5K-F FR-SE-2-7-5.K FR-SF FR-SF-18.5KP FR-SF-18.5KP-BCG FR-SF-2-11K FR-SF-2-11KP FR-SF-2-11KP-C FR-SF-2-11KP-D FR-SF-2-11KP-DC FR-SF-2-11KP-RC FR-SF-2-11KP-TC FR-SF-2-11K-T FR-SF-2-15K FR-SF-2-15K-C FR-SF-2-18.5KM-BCG FR-SF-2-18.5KP FR-SF-2-18.5KP-C FR-SF-2-18-5SK-C FR-SF-2-22K FR-SF-222K-BCG FR-SF-2-22K-CE FR-SF-2-22K-CG FR-SF-2-22K-CG FR-SF-2-26K FR-SF-2-26K-CE FR-SF-2-26KP FR-SF-2-26KP-RC FR-SF-2-30K FR-SF-2-30K-BCG FR-SF-26K FR-SF-2-7.5KP FR-SF-2-7.5KP-C FR-SF-4-11KP FR-SF-4-11-KP FR-SF-4-11-KP-BC FR-SF-4-11KP-C FR-SF-4-11KP-TC FR-SF-4-18.5KP FR-SF-4-18.5KP-C FR-SFJ-2-3.7K-XR FR-SFJ-2-7.5K FR-SGJ-2-2.2K FR-SGJ-2-3.7K FR-SGJ-2-7.5K FR-SGJ-2-7.5K-BR FR-SX-2-11K FR-SX-2-5.5K-A FR-SX-2-7.5K FR-U120S-0.4K-ER FR-U120S-0.75K-ER FR-U120S-NO.2K-EC FR-U120S-NO.75K-EC FR-Z024-2.2K FR-Z120-0.75K FR-Z220-1.5K FR-Z220-2.2KP FR-Z220-3.7K FR-Z340-5.5K-ER FR-Z340-7.5K-ER FR-Z-SO.75K FX1N-40MR-DS FX32B FX-48MR FX702C FX715 FX727D FX773B FX80 HR682 LX51B MC232 MC442-1 MC712 MC712B MDS-A.V2-3510 MDS-A-CR-75 MDS-A-CV-150 MDS-A-CV-300 MDS-A-SVJ-06 MDS-B-CV-150 MDS-BCV-185 MDS-B-CV-300 MDS-B-CVE-150 MDS-B-SP-260 MDS-B-SP-300 MDS-B-SP-75 MDS-B-SVJ2-20 MDS-B-V1-20 MDS-B-V1-45 MDS-B-V2-1010 MELSEC FX-32MR MHE 90K MR-J2-100A-S01 MR-J2-100D-S24 MR-J2-350A MR-J2-40A MR-J2S-40A MR-S 80Z-33A MR-S1-100-E01 MR-S11-103-E01 MR-S12-33A-E01 MR-S12-80A-Z33 MR-S12-80B-E01 MR-S12-80B-Z33 MR-S1-80-E01 MR-S1-83-E31 MR-S1-E01 MR-S2-100A MR-S2-100B-E01 MR-S2-100B-E31 MR-S2-100B-Z33 MR-S2-40A-Z33 MR-S2-80B-E01 MR-S2-82B-E01 MR-S3-100AA-E01 MR-S3-33AA-Z33 MR-S3-80AA-E01 MR-S3-80BB MR-S3-80BB-E01 MR-S80Z-33A MR-SI-700-E01 MR-SO403S NSPA-01-DWC NV-9032YU OSE105S2 PC9215-1A PCFV-1-0 PD14A PD14C-1 PD17B PD21B PDC14C-1 QX084 QX086 QX141 SC-02 SC-SA SE-PW SF-CA SF-PW SF-PWH TRA 8A-L TRA61A TRA61A TRS75B TRS8A-L TS1526N55 ZPU3



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Industrial Electronic Services Limited

Unit 8L2, Maybrook Road, Maybrook Business Park, Minworth, Sutton Coldfield, B76 1AL, United Kingdom

t: +44(0) 121 351 7911   f: +44(0) 121 351 7912

e: sales@industrialelectronicservices.com

Registered in England and Wales No. 03484220


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Industrial Electronic Services Limited are a privately owned company providing an independent repair service of equipment manufactured by 'Mitsubishi'. We are not affiliated to, or claim in any way to be affiliated to 'Mitsubishi', or any other 'Mitsubishi' group companies worldwide. All trademarks are acknowledged.


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